Feng Shui your Kitchen

How to apply good Feng Shui principles when planing your kitchen.

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Feng Shui Principles


Mar 23, 2021

The kitchen is important for family health and welfare, and can even be regarded as sacred. A good kitchen has clean floors, efficient utensils, functioning appliances and a tidy fridge. The cook of the home is responsible for nourishing the family, and needs an efficient space to do this.

Cooks need peace and quiet while they carry out their work. Therefore it is important that (like a bedroom) there is no through draft of chi where they work. An example of this would be where the front door faces the kitchen and the back door.

The oven

To provide the cook with a feeling of focus, without distractions, the cooker should be away from the door to the kitchen, and ideally positioned so that the cook can see the kitchen door when they are taking things in and out of the cooker. This creates a sense of security. If this is not possible think about positioning a mirror on the splash-back of the stove so that the cook can see the door in this way. Also avoid positioning the stove or hob beneath the window or skylight as energy dissipates through them. Just to the side is perfect.

We have cooked using fire since the start of time and we recommend the modern equivalent of fire, rather than electric or microwave where possible. A flame does not change the nutritional value of the food, however, it does change the energy or chi. A living flame is a full expression of the fire element, and is a microcosm of the chi in our lives - the sun. Flame is far easier to adjust and also improves the taste of the food.

How to position your sink and stove

It is easy to crate a clash of elements in a kitchen because we work with both fire and water. From a Feng Shui perspective it is considered unwise to position the sink, fridge, deep freeze or dishwasher (water) opposite the stove or adjacent to it. If this is practically impossible, create balance by placing a picture of a tree or plant in between the two elements.

Abundant kitchens

It's very important to keep your larder, cupboards and fridge well stocked with fresh and healthy food. This feeling of abundance reflects on the residents of the home. It's also beneficial to serve good sized portions of food, by cooking a little more than we need.

Kitchens now have become the main eating place, which makes sense because kitchens are usually the warmest room in the house. Positioning the dining area well, can bring harmony and communication to members of the household. Make sure that you have comfortable, supportive chairs rather than stools. A proper table and chairs is better than a counter and stools which would encourage hurried eating.

Round tables are optimal in Feng Shui, surrounded with comfortable supportive chairs. This will encourage positive family time together and set the scene for good communication. Hanging a mirror near to the table literally doubles the food on the table and from a Feng Sui perspective will add to the wealth of the household.

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Ruth Phypers is a Feng Shui Consultant in London, UK.