Feng Shui for Windows

Important Feng Shui factors for the windows of your home.

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Mar 23, 2021

Not only does chi (energy) enter your home through doors, it also comes in from the windows too. Windows ideally should be clean so that chi does not get collect grime and dirt as it enters the space. Strong bright sunlight can have an overbearing effect on the energy coming into the room, so you may need to use curtains, blinds, screens or shutters to diffuse any excessive glare.

Windows also need to be proportional to the space. Too few windows will let in less energy and light. Occupants would feel isolated, sedentary and retiring. On the other hand windows that are too large for the space can bring in too much chi which can be distracting or overcharging. Occupants will feel restless and will desire to spend more time out of the home, often spending their money. Modern architecture, with an emphasis on huge windows and large bi-folding doors etc. is symbolic of a culture overspending and living on credit.

Restaurants and fast food cafes often have an overbearing sense of chi with strong lighting and large windows. Restaurants that are more dimly lit and comfortable seating, soft music etc, are far more conducive to stay for hours.

The ideal window scenario:

Windows are functional, in good repair, open easily and and kept clean.

Windows should open outwards to embrace the chi and fresh air.

Skylights should be correctly positioned. Avoid sleeping underneath a skylight, which encourages your energy to dissipate while you are asleep. Also avoid placing a cooker beneath a skylight. And avoid placing your desk directly underneath a skylight too.

Taken from Feng Shui for Life by Jon Sandifer.

Ruth Phypers is a Feng Shui Consultant in London, UK.