We provide a full Feng Shui onsite survey and consultation, followed up with a comprehensive report, complete with formula and marked up floor plans.

We also provide 9 Star Ki astrology for you and the other residents.

The Urban Feng Shui consultation is based on Classical Feng Shui Form School Principles, to which we apply Five Element and 9 Star Ki Formulas. Our service involves a site visit and survey in order to take accurate measurements and compass directions, and a familiarisation of the property. We work on floor plans (supplied by you wherever possible) to apply the formulas and provide you with a comprehensive report. During the time onsite we analyse your property, along with the surrounding area.

We carry out the tasks outlined below, providing you with an in-depth analysis of your property, along with recommendations to improve your space:

  • Floor plans, survey and analysis.
  • Directional measurements using specialist compass equipment.
  • Analysis of property, establishing energy flow and Five Element balance.
  • Application of a number of formulas for both 8 & 9 Fates (currently in transition).
  • Proposed enhancements for auspicious areas.
  • Proposed remedies for rebalancing elements where necessary.
  • Flying stars
  • 9 Star Ki astrology readings for all household members.

Professional fees begin at £450 per project.

Payment Terms:
We request that Urban Feng Shui clients pay for their consultation in advance.
Changes up to 48 hours before will not incur a cancellation fee.
Bank transfer or credit card payments are welcome.

Ruth Phypers is a fully accredited consultant with the UK Feng Shui Society.

How can we help with your property? 
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