Feng Shui Consultant, London.

Urban Feng Shui is a leading consultancy of Feng Shui Services in London and South East England, UK led by me, accredited Feng Shui Consultant, Ruth Phypers.

I help residential and commercial clients across London use this ancient strand of Chinese medicine to help plan and layout their living and work spaces within properties of any shape or size.

I also work with UK property owners and lessees, business owners and managers, property developers, architects and interior designers. No job is too large or too small.

I've been a resident of London for over 30 years, so I'm great when it comes to helping clients who are searching for a new property, especially those new to London. I've worked with many Chinese and overseas clients, who are looking to purchase London property for the first time.

Ruth Phypers (FSSA) is a fully accredited Feng Shui Consultant and I've been a full member of the UK Feng Shui Society since 2007.

Feng Shui Services

I offer a full Feng Shui onsite survey with a complete set of recommendations to improve your space. As part of the consultation, I provide a follow up report, which includes marked-up floor plans, and recommendations to improve the layout and design of your space. I can help with residential homes, kitchen and bedroom design, home office space, houses, apartments, gardens, living spaces, workspaces, offices, restaurants and even public buildings such as restaurants and galleries.

I  also help during the process of purchasing a new home or if you are renovating an existing one. I am fully conversant working with architects, interior designers and other members of a design project. I have worked on some pretty significant projects, including £35 million properties in Chelsea and highly sought after addresses across London.

Remote consultations are available too. As long as you can provide floor plans for your property and someone on site to take accurate compass measurements under my guidance, the work can go ahead across Zoom or video call to provide the analysis of your space.

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Ruth Phypers, Consultant Profile

Ruth Phypers is an authorised Feng Shui consultant since 2007, accredited by the Feng Shui Society UK (FSSA). She is an expert in Classical Feng Shui principles, including Form School, 5 Elements and 9 Star Ki.

work in Central and Greater London, the Home Counties or wherever you'd like me to be!

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Background to Feng Shui Methodology..

When Feng Shui principles were developed in China, centuries ago, cities like London, with aeroplanes flying overhead, trains passing underneath and a constantly evolving landscape of buildings, were far from the minds of the ancient Feng Shui masters. Yet these principles still apply to the environment today. This is because Feng Shui is about the flow of energy (chi) within the environment, and employs a proven methodology to help balance the chi. There are many different aspects to Feng Shui.

At Urban Feng Shui I work with Classical Form School Principles, 5 Element Methodology and 9 Star Ki. In all cases the principles address the relationship between earth, water, fire, wood and metal, and how energy moves through, within and between.

Everything in our everyday life is influenced by the flow of energy, around us within the environment, inside our homes, and even within our own bodies Subsequently, our employment, finances, health and personal relationships can all be improved by putting Feng Shui principles into practice. Some clients benefit from a Feng Shui consultation to help with dating, others with specific health issues within their family, others with career aspirations. I aim to help every individual client realise success, happiness and health as a result of their Feng Shui survey.

Urban Feng Shui is a contemporary application of ancient medicine, practical and effective for modern living. When prescribed correctly Feng Shui creates peaceful, productive and harmonious spaces, anywhere in the City.

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Feng Shui News

Read our news and views for lots more Feng Shui useful tips and information.

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