Ruth Phypers, Accredited Feng Shui Consultant.

Ruth Phypers (FSSA).
Feng Shui Consultant
accredited by the UK Feng Shui Society.

Ruth Phypers (FSSA) is a Feng Shui Consultant, accredited by the Feng Shui Society UK since 2007. Ruth works in Central and Greater London areas and was trained and authorised as a Feng Shui Consultant by the late Jon Sandifer, a leading Feng Shui Master and a pioneer of Feng Shui within the UK.

Ruth has developed a lifestyle Feng Shui consultancy that embraces Classical Feng Shui Principles, utilising Form School, Five Element and 9 Star Ki methodology. She creates stylish and comfortable living spaces that reflect light, provide maximum functionality and give the occupants a base for creating value and harmony in their lives. Ruth also helps you to reduce clutter, create space and balance energy within the home or workplace.

Placing an equal emphasis on body, mind and consciousness for the most effective results, Ruth has studied to the highest level. She holds a Master’s Degree to Distinction in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation (SOAS, University of London), which included extensive research into the early Daoist tradition, from which Chinese Medicine is rooted.

Ruth also runs a Therapeutic Laser practice from the Laser Medicine clinics in Harley Street and West London. Laser Medicine treatments improve the efficiency of the body’s acupuncture system to resolve many health conditions. Ruth is able to apply traditional Five Element principles to the Urban Feng Shui service which, in effect, is ‘acupuncture for buildings’.

Ruth draws her clarity, strength and inspiration from a daily practice of Buddhist meditation and Astanga Yoga (taught by Eileen Gauthier and Lino Miele).

Ruth Phypers is a full and accredited member of the Feng Shui Society UK since 2007.

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